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About Us
School of Business/Management Studies
Available options
Available Options
American Global International University's mission is to ensure that whosoever desire knowledge, and professional training is able to achieve his/her ambition without any hindrance. This policy inform our " no application is turned down" policy. When we recieve your application, irrespective of your educational background, we ensure that there is a place for you. If your knowledge of English language is insufficient, we offer you accelerated English language course, to prepare you for your studies. If you have completed High School, and intended to pursue a degree program, with or without experience, we provide you with any of the following options, as a conduit pipe towards your goal.
[1]If you do not have any working experience, you will be registered for AGIU distance learning program.
[2]If your working experience point is less than 40% of the required points, you will be registered for distance learning program with exception in some subjects, thereby shortening your study time.
[3If your working experience point is 50% of the required points, you will be exempted totally from course materials and be requested to sit for competency examination. Fee for competency examination is very minimal..
[4]If your working experience point is 75% of the required point, you will be exempted from course materials, and competency examination, but requested to write thesis on a related topic.The topic of such thesis is often decided by the university, based on candidates specialization.
[5]If you have what the university consider to be enough number of years experience, you will be given direct admission to the degree program of your choice, based on your area of experience.
In any of the above scenario, detail information of your evaluation status will be conveyed to you through e-mail as soon as evaluation assessment is completed on your application.
To ensure that proper evaluation and assessment is given to your application, candidates are advised to furnish adequate information with their application.
Examinations are given at the end of every part of the course, based on the course materials sent to students and textbooks recommended for each course topic.
There are 10 course materials for the course, and examination for each course material carries an obtainable mark of 100. Students are expected to obtain a minimum of 50% pass before they are considered successfull.
There are ten topics [subjects] in part one of all bachelor degree courses. Part 2 = 8 topics Part 3 = 7 topics, Part 4 = 4 topics. Each of the topic has a minimum of 3 credit hour, and maximum of 6 credit hour, Examination is given on all topics, with each carrying an obtainable mark of !00. Students are expected to record a minimum of 50% pass, Students are to write dissertation [thesis] as their project work. Topics for the dissertatiton [thesis] is expected to be the major [field of specialization] of the studies and the thesis alone carries 8 credit hours. Students with working experience are offered the benefit of exemption in some papers..
Part 1 = 5 topics, Part 2 = 5 topics, Part 3 = 5 topics, Part 4 = 4 topics. Examination is given on all the topics, as the course progresses. As in Diploma, Associate and Bachelor degree, the obtainable mark is 100, minimum passmark is 50% before progression to the next part of the course. It is mandatory that all Master degree students submit thesis [dissertation] as their final academic work before they can qualify for the award of master degree
DOCTORATE DEGREE -PhD or DBA:Part 1 examination centers on Principles of research, and research methodology, Part 2 examination is on propounding theories and comparative studies, Part 3 examination is on theories and practice of research, Part 4 is the final thesis for the ir examination if for whatever reasons, they are unable to record the desired result. This is without any extra cost, and would be at their own time pace. .
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